22 lutego, 2012

Filming from the air

Filming from the air

Filming from the air- As one of the few companies in the wedding industry, we can implement shots from the deck of the flying platform equipped with a wide-angle camera, recording images and videos in the high quality of 1920×1080 (FullHD).

How you can use such a device at the wedding day?
1. implementation of the shots at the bride/groom house
2. shots of wedding location (USC, church)
3. video from the air during the wishes
4. perpetuation of the wedding localized in an interesting outdoors
5. air pictures during wedding session

Below we present sample photo gallery. Soon we’ll publish air videos from weddings.

If you have any further questions according our offer, you can look at our FAQ section.

Filmowanie z powietrzaFilming from the airFilming from the air